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The Grape Popsicle of WoodworkingPurple.

PURPLEHEART EXOTIC WOOD Purpleheart is aptly named for the deep purple color of its heartwood Tree grows in abundance in South America Very durable outdoors Purple. Purpleheart definition is - a strong durable purplish wood that is obtained from various leguminous trees genus Peltogyne of Central and South America; also: a tree producing such wood.

Purpleheart Wood Blanks. Exotic Wood Blanks: Below you will find stock sizes of Purpleheart exotic wood blanks. If we do not list a size that is common to your specific woodworking industry, please contact us. Note: Surface condition of wood blanks may be rough and/or wax coated. Tree: Usually tall, with a height of about 100 to 150 feet and a diameter of up to 48 inches, usually between 18 and 36 inches. Heartwood: Initially dull brown, rapidly changing to a bright, vibrant purple. Prolonged exposure darkens wood to a dark-purplish brown or dark brown, but the original color can be preserved with a UV inhibitor. There are 3 species of trees where the wood looks almost the same. Chakte-kok Simira salvadorensis Chakte-kok Cosmocalyx spectabilis Red Heart Erythroxylon havanense. With a hand lens or a good microscope, do you know how to separate these three. I call these three 3 the “The 3 Red Look-a-Likes” Duane Keck IWCS9086. Purpleheart 3/4" x 4" x 24" - Wood LumberSkip to main content. Try Prime EN. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. Prefect piece of purple heart wood,will order more. Read more. One person.

Purpleheart heartwood is a deep purple-violet when freshly cut, maturing to a dark brown. The original color is restored when re-cut. Grain is straight, but often irregular, wavy and sometimes interlocked. Texture is moderate to fine. Weight varies from about 50lbs to 63lbs per cu. ft. BOTANICAL NAME: Peltogyn Pubescens: OTHER NAMES. Peltogyne purpurea is a recognizable, coveted and highly exploited species; however, it is poorly studied and the only research that has been undertaken is in Costa Rica. Uses. In Costa Rica and Panama, Purpleheart wood is an economically valuable tree, however its harvest is prohibited by law. Purpleheart Hardwood Lumber. Purpleheart is one of the most distinctive woods of tropical America. Purpleheart is very hard, extremely heavy, strong, tough, and durable, but is most often recognized for its unusual coloring, which at times is actually purple.

09.03.2017 · my first reeeally hard wood. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading. Close. This video is unavailable. Wood Turning with Brett - Purple Heart?? Wood Turning with Brett. Loading. Purple Heart Hardwood Decking. Purple Heart Peltogyne is a South American hardwood. The timber is extremely dense and water-resistant; Purpleheart has excellent strength and is rated to be very durable. Purpleheart will age from purple to brown to a driftwood grey if left to weather. Purpleheart definition, the hard, purplish wood of any of several South American trees belonging to the genus Peltogyne, of the legume family, used for making furniture. See more. Purple Heart Lumber for Sale. Purpleheart is a very hard, dense hardwood imported primarily from South America. It is a very functional specie of wood that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's unique purple coloration makes it perfect for use as an accent wood or in items such as pool cues, decorative boxes or intarsia. This is the sort of questions you'll get a better answer to by researching sources yourself. You can simply enter the name of a wood species, and the word "seeds," and search for possible suppliers. Then you would need to contact those suppliers t.

Purple Heartau.

Wood Hardness Chart Species Alphabetical Hardness Species by Hardness Hardness Afromosia 1560 Basswood 410 Amberwood 2200 Butternut 490 Amendoim 1360 Chestnut, Domestic 540 Angelique 1290 Douglass Fir 660 Aniegre 1110 Yellow Pine, Short Leaf 690 Ash, Domestic / White 1320 Sycamore, American 770 Ash, Victorian 1010 Yellow Pine, Long Leaf 870. 29.09.2015 · Purpleheart is one of the hardest and stiffest woods in the world. The heartwood cures into a rich purple hue of great beauty. The trees are coveted by woodworkers even though craftsmen need razor sharp implements of hardened steel or carborundum to work the obdurate wood. Except for a handful of vegetables, flowers, and minerals, purple is one of the scarcest colors found on the planet. For that reason, it is no wonder that purpleheart Peltogyne spp. is the only commercial wood of that color, captivating woodworkers who scout for something eye-catching. I used wood from the same board to make a small stand for a photo we display on a shelf see below. It’s not exposed to direct sunlight, which might help explain why it, too, is still basically the purple color you see here. I made the stand in 2011. Even though the wood hasn’t changed much over four year’s time, my kids sure have. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Some of these items ship sooner than the others. Mixed Species Purple Heart, Padauk, Zebrawood, Walnut 4.2 out of 5 stars 6. $39.95. It was not real purple heart wood. I wouldn't have purchased had i know it was wood dyed purple. Read more.

Green heart wood is attractive, durable, versatile and environmentally friendly. It is a tropical hardwood that is world renowned for its strength and durability. It is highly resistant to decay, termites, fire, and marine organisms. Greenheart requires no treatment and it's three to four times stronger than pine or fir. Greenheart can be specially milled for your desired project. The Purpleheart Tree. There are 23 different species of trees that yield purple heart lumber, all belonging to the genus Peltogyne. Each species is so similar to the next that they are all accepted as purple heart. The trees grow up to 170 feet, although they usually only reach 120-150 feet with diameters of up to four feet. Purple Heart is challenging to work with but is extremely durable. Purple Heart wood is very durable, and can resists both decay and most insect attacks, though it has been reported to be susceptible to attack from marine borers. Origin: Central and South America. Our Patriot Military Order of the Purple Heart members cross every branch of service, champion camaraderie to all veterans, and share a common bond with those who have received the Purple Heart medal. If you or someone in your family has received the Purple Heart medal, we invite you to join us today to carry on our mission.

True to its name Purpleheart boasts a rich violet purple color and a fine even texture. Purpleheart is a very hard, dense, and durable wood. Common Names: Purpleheart, Purple Heart, Amaranth, Pau Roxo, Violetwood, Peltogyne spp. Origin: Central and South America. BELLAWOOD 3/4" x 5" Purple Heart Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring Enliven your home with regal sophistication. Naturally tinted Purple Heart is one of the world's most unique and durable hardwoods with a fine texture and rich lavender hue. Also known as purple queen, purple heart Setcreasea pallida is a striking plant with fuzzy, purple, lance-shaped leaves that reach lengths of 7 inches. The stems grow straight up and then lean. Purple heart uses its soil nutrients efficiently and requires little supplemental fertilizer. Potted plants or those grown in poor or especially fast-draining soil may need a boost of nutrients during the active growing season to enhance their lush, violet foliage.

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