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14.02.2018 · A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson meet video Part 2:. The Film Theorists Recommended for you. 14:07. Percy Jackson Ship Themes - Duration: 11:44. Booknerdsworld 622,888 views. 10.08.2011 · PLEASE READ Storyline Harry sees Percy underwater and he nearly drowns. Percy watches, unsure what to do but then he throws Harry out of the water and saves him. Harry then becomes awear that. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover fanfiction archive with over 2,987 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians universe. 21.08.2019 · HARRY POTTER - 0:53 PERCY JACKSON - 2:55 FIGHT BREAKDOWN - 5:20 Two magical teens from some classic fantasy series are going head to head! Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, versus Percy Jackson.

27.03.2019 · In this Super Collab, we listened to Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and break it all down for you!. Harry Potter VS. Percy Jackson?! Super Collab. Category. 23.04.2017 · Harry Potter & Percy Jackson // Hall Of Fame Helena He. Loading. Film Theory: Harry Potter, MORE VOLDEMORT than Voldemort! - Duration: 15:06. The Film Theorists 5,729,190 views. Percy Jackson originaltittel: Percy Jackson & the Olympians er en bokserie i fantasysjangeren skrevet av Rick Riordan.Serien er laget for ungdom. Bokserien består av fem bøker, som alle er oversatt til norsk. De to første bøkene, Lyntyven og Monsterhavet, har i tillegg blitt filmatisert.

Harry Potter x Percy Jackson Crossover Life. Acacia. 1. 15. 1. If you have a big project to do, how do you approach it? Spontaneously, working on it whenever I’m in the mood. I start it straight away but will need time to think through my ideas. Methodically, determined to do as well as I can. Barely a week after the war with Gaea and only a day after Leo Valdez returns to Camp Half-Blood, ten demigods, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Clarisse La Rue, Nico di Angelo, and the ex-sorceress, Calypso, are sent on a quest to protect Harry Potter and his friends, Hermione Granger and the Weasley family, against. Harry Potter is used to being the Hero of his world. He and every other wizard believes he is the destined savior of the world. Now that wizard world knows Voldemort is back Harry is going to need protection. Percy Jackson has finally defeated Gaea and saved the world yet again and thinks things will start to calm dow. Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. Nico. The first thing I noticed when I opened his eyes was that me and my friends had company. Nine people, I noticed. One looked like Percy, one had brown hair and eyes, four had red hair, two had blond hair, though different shades and there was a boy with short brown hair.

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover. Fanfiction. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Crossover. Kronos and Voldemort are rising and Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia have to go to Hogwarts to defeat Kronos and Voldemort. But will everything work out and when will the Demigods tell there secret. I know I've already done a Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover, but I really like the idea! Really, the title says it all. The 7 demigods, plus Nico and Thalia, go to Hogwarts to stop a major battle between the demigods and wizards! Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover Fanfiction. Percy Jackson expected a fun and peaceful summer, but not when Chiron asked him to go to Hogwarts. A/N: Hey guys, I just re-read the whole thing over. Gods, this is embarrassing! I promise I will try to correct the mistakes! 25.01.2020 · Percy Jackson går på en vanlig skola men skickas sedan till ett slags träningsläger för så kallade halvgudar, sådana som har en mamma eller pappa som är en gud. Harry Potter går på trollkarlsskolan Hogwarts tillsammans med vännerna Ron Weasley och Hermione Granger. BÖCKER I serien om Percy Jackson finns det fem böcker. hey guys this is my first story so dont judge. storyline: Percy jackson and friends are sent to help harry potter in his 5th year of Hogwarts. Percy POV "Get the flag!" said Annabeth in the distance. We were playing capture the flag, the Ares Cabin, Hephaestus, and Apollo had challanged my cabin and the Athena Cabin to a game of Capture the Flag.

Harry Potter met Percy Jackson, or in other words Perseus Riddle. Yeah, he hates Percy. It makes sense, but Harry did give him a chance. A chance that was broken. With a good reason too, in his defense. This takes place during the Order of Phoenix. Harry PotterPercy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover. Follow/Fav Percy Jackson Grandson of Voldemort. By: Anthelia. It says it in the title. It's set after the war with Gaia and the war with Voldemort. I'm keeping everything original except the fact that Percy's mum is the daughter of Voldemort. Crossover between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: We all know the story: Harry gets a book in his potions class, allowing him to k. Magic to Bite Harry Potter & Percy Jackson. 4.9K 129 115. • Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover • Jasmine Potter life was perfect. That to one school trip turned everything around. She is thrown into a world full of Greek gods. What happens when she finds out who her real parents are. Harry PotterPercy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover. Follow/Fav Stand Tall. By: Flaminghammer1. After getting betrayed by the love of his life Percy Jackson gets a special mission from a man named Albus Dumbledore. Protect Harry Potter. Takes place during the fifth Harry Potter book and after the giant war.

22.07.2013 · Yes! I think Percy Jackson is a ripoff of Harry Potter! Rick Riordan copied J.K. Rowling! Now.I have only read two PJ books and have seen the two movies but I have read all seven Harry Potter books and have seen all eight Harry Potter movies! and these are all the similarities I found while reading/watching the two books and movies. Percy Jackson är en serie äventyrsböcker av Rick Riordan om en pojke som upptäcker att han är son till Poseidon, havets gud och lär sig att de grekiska gudarna, Olymperna på svenska vanligtvis ”de olympiska gudarna”, fortfarande finns. Han förs till "Halvblodslägret" där andra halvgudar som han får träning för att bli hjältar. Percy och hans vänner träffar många monster.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson have a lot of things in common such as being powerful and never knowing to both having movie sequels that were top in the box office. Between the two men which one do you mostly identify with? Take the test and find out. Have fun! Sorry but I just can't compare them Because they both r the most important books that made my life amazing and so. Harry Potter- Showed me the real meaning of friendship and also true friendship, trust,innocence and most important - that every p.

Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter. I beg to differ I have read and re read all the percy jackson books and I know for a fact that at. Also the Gods in Harry potter are not weak I take it. In more modern times, you have to hand it to J.K. Rowling for creating the amazing world of Harry Potter. Likewise, Rick Riordan was inspired by Greek mythology to create a world for Percy Jackson and the whole Greek pantheon set in modern times in a way that's both fresh and exciting.

Siri loves to read wrote: "Declan wrote: "Harry Potter is for an older and more mature audience, so I can't really compare it to the various Percy Jackson series." I think they are for about the same level of audience." But they aren't. Harry Potter's ATOS level puts its readability at about the age of 15, Percy's puts it at about the age of 8. Best book series: Percy Jackson & Harry Potter. 216 likes. This page is just about how amazing the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books are, please like. 23.12.2015 · Okay, dudes. My two cents which will sound like a persuasive essay but read it anyways I can't really judge, since I read Percy Jackson before Harry Potter. You can't judge the two since they're so different. Harry Potter, for instance, is written in third person limited.

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