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13.11.2017 · Hi, Yesterday I had a very deep filling. It was a replacement of an old filling. After the initial X Ray the dentist said that it looked like the hole would be ok to just be filled but when he did the filling he said that as it was so deep all the work might irritate the pulp and it might flare up the tooth and I might end up needing a root canal on it. The Cavity is too Deep. Sometimes, the cavity is too deep for a filling to be effective. However, since a filling is a much cheaper alternative than a root canal, dentists may attempt to fill the cavity and take a “wait and see” approach with the tooth. If the filling can eliminate any pain or discomfort that the patient feels then it can.

This involves placing a dental filling. The sooner a cavity is treated, the smaller any filling will be. Some dentists still use silver-mercury “amalgams”, but I prefer to use non-mercury tooth colored composite filling material if the size of the cavity is not too large. You have a deep cavity and the pulp containing the nerve and blood vessels becomes exposed during treatment. You need emergency dental treatment. A temporary filling may make your tooth feel better. This is because the filling seals the tooth, protecting the pulp from bacteria and reducing sensitivity. I had a deep cavity filled about five weeks ago. I had extreme sensitivity to cold since it was filled. I had no other pain associated with the tooth. Biting down was completely fine. Two nights ago, I started to get extreme pain on the right side of my face and jaw the same side the cavity. 01.05.2018 · $2500 ROOT CANAL/CROWN vs $150 CAVITY FILLING. Tooth decay works through the dentin much faster than the enamel and can quickly reach the nerve with little to no pain. This cavity was very. While doing this deep tooth cavity filling procedure, a dentist uses various materials or chemicals in order to fill your tooth. More usually, an allergy occurs because of the dental amalgam silver-colored fillings used for filling your tooth. If at all you think that the reason for your tooth pain is due to an allergic reaction, then get.

30.09.2015 · I have deep white fillings and have gone to the dentist 5 times in one month. He said that the white fillings are not as good as the silver fillings and that if they are deep, they are pressing down against the nerve in the tooth and therefore I had to have two root canals to fix my pain in the deep filling. 03.07.2011 · Hi friends, On Tuesday 8am 6/20/2011 I had a deep cavity drilled and filled. Before the filling the tooth was not sensitive nor did it hurt. When my dentist was cleaning the cavity drilling she said she did not see the nerve and that is a really good sign.

The discomfort only lasts a couple of seconds then fades away. Prior to having the filling replaced, I had no issues with this tooth. I returned to the dentist on Tuesday and they redid the filling again. The dentist said the cavity wasn’t deep at all. Now, the sensitivity is less, but still present with hard foods. Why is my Tooth So Sensitive Still After 3 Weeks of Filling? More about Cosmetic Dentistry. Jun 11,. Pain after deep filling. sometimes when you have a large cavity or filling, the tooth nerve may die over time and you will have a lot of discomfort when you chew - if this is the case, you need a root canal.

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