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Chou High Tank Build, Get ready to make great defense with the Chou hero! Let’s examine the Chou High Tank Build. Chou hero is very good with the Tank Build strategy and helps in winning the game. If your team needs a tank hero, we recommend this hero. Tank heroes play a big part in winning the game. Moving the game does not just kill the enemy. Chou Build Guide. Playing with this hero, I realized that he is very offensive, fast and hard to defeat. He uses his passive skill, Only Fast, which increases his damage every time he passes 8 yards. In addition he also stuns the enemy. His caster spells are Jeet Kune Do, Shunpo and The Way of the Dragon.

23.12.2017 · Magic Blade/Gold Rose meteor would work on Chou probably if built full damage, bcs Chou will be squishy and activate the passive more often. But bcs I already build tank, Berserker's Fury seems like a better choice for the Crit damage. Well, with a few tips from us and you will be. Now let’s revisit Chou and guide you along the way. Chou is a fighter which can deal incredible amounts of damage, his high durability, and high offensive affinity makes him perfect for those who want to get a win easily.

Skill 1 - Jeet Kune Do Physical Damage Meninju kedepan. Skill ini bisa digunakan 3 kali berturut-turut, masing-masingnya akan menghasilkan 14055% Physical Attack physical damage. 2 serangan pertama akan mengurangi kecepatan gerak musuh sebesar 60%, dan serangan ke 3 akan mementalkan musuh ke udara. For Chou his item build is very flexible. Boots as a first item is a must for the mobility. Its okay to rush a damage item like Bloodlust axe/Deadly blade etc if you really want. If your team is lacking damage, get at most two damage items. If your team is very squishy, go full tank.

As you can see from the picture above, this guide has given 3 different types of item build for Chou. The sequence of what items you should get for each build starts from left to right. For example, under the Balanced Build, Warrior Boots should be obtained first followed by Blade of Destruction and so on. Nah, agar Chou memiliki damage yang cukup kuat, nih saya kasih rekomendasi build Chou tersakit yang bisa kamu gunakan. Rekomendasi Build Chou Mobile Legends. Untuk mendukung skill terbaiknya, kali ini saya ingin memberikan rekomendasi build Chou yang bisa kamu pilih di dalam pertarungan.

Chou 2nd skill was reworked he now receives 50% damage reduction but is not immune to damage anymore, so buying Wings of the Apocalypse is really good because of the 40% damage. As Chou you will and should always be in the frontline. Some of the Chou users I have observed are easy to panic and get nervous, like they use the 2nd part of the Ult right away without waiting to reach the maximum distance or being a scared at < 50% HP not knowing that they have Brave Smite for heals and the Skill2 for 50% damage reduction. Jadi build Chou terdahulu kamu sudah tidak lagi cocok dengan kemampuannya. Karena skill 2 Shunpo miliknya tidak lagi kebal Crowd Control, dirinya sekarang hanya mendapat armor tambahan untuk menahan serangan musuh. Meskipun begitu serangan yang dihasilkan Chou menjadi lebih kuat dan tidak lagi menjadi seorang tank dengan damage minim. Sehingga build Chou sekarang harus memberikan damage. Untuk pembahasan kali ini, disini akan memberikan beberapa informasi tentang build Chou yang akan memberikan support yang maksimal kepada tim. Lalu pembahasan mengenai skill – skillnya, Emblem, Spell/Ability, serta cara penggunaan Hero Chou ini. Inilah Build Item Gear Chou Mobile Legends Tersakit, Savage, Terkuat. 26.01.2019 · Thanks for the video uwu nowadays, people build him with a marksman build which is pretty much op. Though, I used to build him marksman build as well before his nerf happened. He's way more op before, the slow, true damage, and immunity was all op. But still, despite the nerfs, he's still op and being banned.

It’s mostly situational really. The reason you build chou with tank items is because he’s kit requires you to jump in to pick off their damage dealers. So you need to be able to absorb damage while doing that. In the case of some teams where you have other setup men, it only makes sense to build damage item chou to improve your team’s. We Chou users use him as a tank as he is good at staying at teamfights proving the enemy with constant knock ups and zoning the squishes of the team. It's only possible due to his damage reduction we can survive teamfights. Now with this up coming update, Chou has to build damage items in order to take advantage of his skill 2 sheild. 05.06.2018 · Chou is one of my favorite fighter. Recently I like to use him. We all know mostly Chou users will use semi-tank build on him and Chou usually take a role as se. I was bullied because I made Chou Full Damage,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Build Chou Mobile Legends tidak lengkap jika tidak menentukan Emblem! Jungle Emblem adalah apa yang Chou-mu butuhkan dalam memenangkan pertarungan. Dengan penambahan kecepatan bergerak dan attack speed, membuat Chou-mu mempunyai mobilitas sebagai jungler yang melakukan ganking! always build tank for chou never try to build damage for him but if u want the only damage item will be endless battle. Chou only dealt very low damage so cursed helmet is good for him. core item wizard/rapid boots cursed helmet blade armour/demon advert i forgot the new name. Build Item Chou Mobile Legends — Kalau ngomongin Chou, Hero fighter satu ini seringkali di pick dalam banyak pertandingan di Turnament Mobile Legends. Kemampuan Chou memang sangat bisa mendukung tim, baik untuk Gank ataupun Teamfight. Bahkan tak jarang team musuh pun bisa dibuat kerepotan ketika berhadapan dengan fighter satu ini, asalkan di pegang oleh orang yang tepat.

Mobile Legends Build is a guide created for the Mobile Legends Game. Players can find strategies or builds including champion guides. Other than dishing out damage, Chou can also be on the front lines tanking damage for your team. 3 of the items Syno suggested are the same for his Assassin build: Rapid Boots, Athena Shield, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen.He regards them as core items that are suitable for any kind of situation. Gear Guide Chou Mobile Legends Build Item Top Player – Chou lahir di daerah terpencil yang sangat miskin, kehidupan yang sangat tidak layak. Meskipun dalam kondisi yang mengerikan, Chou tetap memiliki hati yang baik, hari demi hari dia terus membantu para. Skill Pasif Chou - Only Fast. Setiap 8 meter chou bergerak, basic attack berikutnya akan memberi 180% damage dari damage normal dan memberi efek slow secara singkat; Skill 1 - Jeet Kune Do - CD: 11 detik - Mana: 0. Chou melakukan 3 pukulan ke depan berturut-turut, setiap pukulan akan memberi damage dan pukulan pertama akan memperlambat target. Some player using IOS, they can record Mobile Legends very easy. You should follow the steps, and record your gameplay or the other things.

Chou new build idea. Hero Discussion. Why not use Brute Force Plate to get consistent damage. Chous first ability and one aa will increase his attack by 12% and its rare you dont get atleast that much off in a fight as chou. Chou adalah salah satu hero mobile legends terkuat yang cukup populer karena memiliki damage besar serta kelincahan yang sering membuat rusuh saat war. skill yang dimiliki chou akan lebih mengerikan bila build, item dan gear nya di setting dengan benar. berikut ini adalah build chou paling rekomendasi dan paling sakit dan mematikan yang banyak di gunakan oleh para pro player ataupun top global. r/mobilelegends: Welcome to the Mobile Legends Fan Subreddit where you can discuss everything about the game! Do enjoy yourselves and please.

Damage chou. Game Discussion. How to use damage build chou ? I'm chou tank main with 230 games and sometimes my team lack damage but have more than tank so I switch to damage build, and I end up feeding, how do you use him? 10 comments. share.

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